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States of America - Michael Ormerod

Milim Gallery teamed up with the Crane Kalman Brighton back in October of this year to exhibit the extraordinary work of British Photographer, Michael Ormerod. States of America was part of the Brighton Photo Fringe and the Brighton Photo Biennial (curated by Martin Parr) and received an impressive response throughout the festival and thereafter.

Ormerod, fascinated by the American Image, and following in the footsteps of Robert Frank, took to the Mid-West to find a washed out dream of capitalism. His images, many vibrant in colour, capture a strange juxtaposition of an American beauty tainted by a hidden sense of menace and corruption.

His photographs are those of the outsider, constantly travelling through a no-man’s-land. His work depicts a collection of ghost towns, alienated people and wide deserted plains strewn with rubbish and spiked with billboards. It’s a land where the American Dream has turned sour.

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