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Rosalie Portman is a Photographer, Media Artist and Educator specializing in Environmental Issues, Leadership Development and Sustainability

Rosalie currently practices as a Freelance Environmental Photographer, investigating the humanitarian, environmental, and social aspects of geography, and as a Freelance Professional Photographer documenting social issues for private commissions and publications including The Ecologist, British Journal of Photography, Image Magazine (AOP), and Junior Magazine.

In 2006 she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Photography from the Arts Institute at Bournemouth. During her study and since graduating Rosalie has dedicated her time to enquiring into ways to discuss the fragility of our natural environment. The human and social aspects of geography underpin her practice. Photography has become one of many ways in which she explores this subject.

The desire to foster compassion for the natural world and to explore our place in it has been the driving force behind various other environmental projects and businesses Rosalie has been involved in, encouraging people to question our current unsustainable relationship to the planet we live on. The vibrant and seductive qualities of colour form a visual framework through which life can be contemplated and re-examined.

Rosalie uses darkness and the night as a vehicle to frame her subject matter, stripping away all superfluous information from the image, thus altering its context. Playing on the metaphors, this conjures up is an ongoing theme in her work and provides an invitation to look at and question ourselves and our world more deeply. Her photographs suggest the delicacy of life and the unstable situation mankind has created. Her work provides an opportunity to investigate the ways in which a more psychological approach to raising awareness will allow for the humanising of environmental issues, and elicit a deeper compassion for the world around us.

Delicacy. Compassion. Fragility. These are the qualities that Rosalie’s photographs aim to evoke.

As a photographer and social entrepreneur, Rosalie's experiences offer an interesting and unique view of geography, and our relationship to it. Foremost Rosalie's work is an exploration of the way in which peple interact with their world and with each other. Through striking images of people, nature and the land, the viewer is invited to contemplate their own detachment from their social, spiritual and physical environment.

Rosalie is co-founder and Director of Ecomotion, a web-based Social Enterprise and Community Interest Company (CIC) set up in 2007.  In recent years Rosalie has also been commissioned as an artist to work in the field of education. She uses Photography and creative thinking as mediums to help students to explore their connection to spirituality and their environment.


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Red Berries by Rosalie Portman     29.7 x 42.0 and 42.0 x 59.4 cm (11.7 x 16.5 and 16.5 x 23.4 inches)cm