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Gaetano Gentile was born in Florence in 1965.  He studied photography in England in 1986, and then attended the European Design School of Milan for three years.  After that he worked with Maria Mulas from 1988 to 1991 while he attended the design school of AG Fronzoni.  From 1990 he started working as a freelance photographer. 

In 1990 Gaetano's photography book on Marino Marini sculptures was published. The book was a limited edition of 300 copies.  In 1991 he had his first solo exhibition - on a reportage he took in Yemen, at the Feltrinelli gallery in Milan. During the following years he continued making commissions for magazines and private buyers.  His recent work is about exploring a new point of view on the architecture and art of several cities around the world. The selected images were part of the exhibition “Vertigini” (“Dizziness”) in May, 2009 in the Marino Marini Museum in Pistoia, Italy. 




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Siena I by Gaetano Gentile     58 x 81cm